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Fall 2020 Enrollment: Your Questions Answered

by Kids Konnect Preschools on April 24, 2020

We've been asked alot of questions about Fall enrollment for preschool and pre-kindergarten so we've complied all our answers into this handy blog post. For any questions, feel free to contact us.

When does Kids Konnect open for Fall enrollment?

Kids Konnect is open now for Fall enrollment! We are accepting preschool aged children for our San Leandro and Redwood City centers now via this form. We urge you to register soon as we are down to the last remaining spaces for these preschools and are oversubscribed in our other locations. If you're not thinking of enrolling right now but know Kids Konnect is for you, why not join our waitlist and you'll be the first to hear when a space comes up at a time that suits you.

Which Kids Konnect preschools have space?

We have spaces available for preschool aged children in our San Leandro and Redwood City locations. 

You can join the waitlist for any of our centers at any time as things do change unexpectedly and spaces may well become available. Below is the status of each center:

Redwood City Infants: Join waitlist for Fall Preschool: Open for enrollment
San Leandro Infants: Join waitlist for Fall Preschool: Open enrollment
San Mateo   Preschool: Join waitlist for Fall
Oakland   Preschool: Join waitlist for Fall
Pacifica Toddlers: Join waitlist for Fall Preschool: Join waitlist for Fall


Can I join a waitlist?

Yes! You can join the waitlist for any of our preschools and infant centers at any time.Click on your chosen preschool to secure your place as soon as one becomes available: Redwood City, San Leandro, San Mateo, Oakland, Pacifica

Can I take a tour of the preschools?

Yes! You can book a tour of any of our preschools at any time. Even throughout lockdown we are offering preschool tours while observing social distancing measures.

We strongly recommend this as an important step towards finding the right preschool for your family. You and your family can view the facilities including play areas, outdoor space, kitchens, and sleeping areas, and spend time talking to a Kids Konnect staff member who can answer any questions you have and enrolling for preschool.

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What’s happening while we’re in lockdown?

We are staying abreast of the latest guidance from law and health officials and will continue to support our families throughout the pandemic. The Oakland and San Leandro centers remain open and we are offering online Zoom sessions to those forced to stay at home. These calls are packed full of fun at home learning activities to help parents entertain the children while continuing on their learning and development trajectory.

Fall enrollment is continuing as normal and we will continue to follow guidance throughout the year.

Read the full COVID-19 update here.

Is Kids Konnect the right preschool for my family?

Only you can decide for sure but there are lots of resources available to help you make a decision.

Head to our Facebook page or Instagram to see lots of photos of our children doing fun lessons and activities to get a real insight into day to day life at Kids Konnect. You can even see this fun video of a tour of our San Mateo center from the eyes of a four year old - so cute!


The Family Resources section of the Kids Konnect website helps give you an idea on our approach to learning and development with various guides available to download. You can also view this video on a Parent’s 3 Top Tips for Choosing a Preschool.

You can also check out the Kids Konnect blog which demonstrates both our approach and the expertise of our class teachers. The blog is packed full of information for parents and activities to do at home that compliment the learning style at Kids Konnect.


We definitely encourage you to take a tour of your local Kids Konnect preschool. You can book a tour here.

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