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This is our philosophy and we hope our resources allow you to adopt this as much or as little you like outside of the classroom.

Practical Guide to Raising a Reader

Raising a reader mockup

This ebook is great for parents with limited time who want to know the secrets to literacy achievement and what they can do now to foster a lifelong reader.


The Ultimate Childhood Development Checklist

Development Checklist Clipboard LP

Use our ultimate child development checklist to see where your child is at.

Bonus! It's been developed within the guidelines recommended by the State of California.


42 Hacks for Bay Area Parents

Hack Guide

Our parents helped us compile a list of activities, tips & tricks and life hacks to parenting in the Bay Area. 

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At-Home Learning Dittos

Copy of Science Pre-K Mock Up-1

Subscribe to our at-home learning dittos and get activities sent straight to your inbox that will help your little one develop core STEM skills. We also have activities designed to help your infant or toddler keep their development on track. 

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50 Things To Do Before You're 5 Checklist

50 Things Before Youre 5 Mock Up-1

Download our 50 Things To Do Before You're 5 checklist in order to make sure your little one is meeting development milestones and having lots of fun!

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Math Preschool Mock Up
Math Preschool Mock Up

Fun Lessons Straight Into Your Inbox

  • STEM subjects such as Science and Math, as well as English and art
  • Help develop fine gross motor skills as well as speech & language
  • Activities perfect for their age group and learning level
  • Customized lessons direct into your inbox.


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