Curriculum for Preschoolers

School readiness program for 2 - 4 year olds

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Kids Konnect Preschools

Prepare your child for elementary school success with Kids Konnect's tailored preschool curriculum. Our comprehensive program of fun and learning introduces your child to writing, language, math, science and social studies to ensure your child is ready for school.

Age Range

2 - 4 yrs



Opening Days

Mon - Fri



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Opening Hours

7AM - 6PM

STEAM Subjects for Preschoolers

STEAM subjects are in high demand in the modern world and research shows that it's never too early for your child to explore these essential subjects of science, technology, engineering, art and math. At Kids Konnect, we're committed to introducing your preschooler to STEAM learning through fun activities, lessons and games.


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crayons 3 Blob KK preschool 1
crayons 3 Blob KK preschool 1
crayons green and yellow Blob KK Preschool 2
crayons green and yellow Blob KK Preschool 2

Building the Foundations for Learning and Life

Every child at Kids Konnect is encouraged to think in a manner that will extend learning from rote memorization to the true understanding of ideas and concepts. Our preschool experience also focuses on learning to be a good friend, participating in games with rules and inclusivity of different abilities.

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Preschool FAQs

Will My Child Develop Language Skills

Yes! We tell stories, sing songs and play lots of fun games that help our preschoolers develop the language required to navigate life, learning and friendships!

Do You Cover Potty Training?

Children do not need to be potty trained when they join Kids Konnect! We work with our families to potty train your children. For children under 3 there is no additional charge for potty training.

What Social Skills Do You Teach?

1. Ability to solve social problems

2. Concentration and persistence with challenging tasks

3. Confidence

4. Capacity to develop good relationships with peers and adults

5. Ability to listen to instructions and be attentive

6. Ability to effectively communicate emotions

Varied and Rounded Education

Every day at our preschool is structured to ensure your child is ready for school and the wider world as outlined by the California Department of Education. Our days are never boring!

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The Fun Way to Learn!

Play that is initiated and directed by children is vital in allowing them to make sense of the world and to develop physically, socially and cognitively. It's the very foundation of learning.

Play-based learning is an exciting and stimulating program that also allows preschoolers to:

  • Express and regulate their thoughts and feelings

  • Understand themselves and others

  • Problem solve, and overcome challenges (STEM based learning)

  • Develop competence and self-confidence 

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crayons 3 Blob KK Preschool 3
crayons 3 Blob KK Preschool 3

Why Kids Konnect?

Play-Based Curriculum

Our play-based curriculum fosters your children's decision making through positive reinforcement, trusting relationships, interaction with their peers, and an interactive learning environment.

Qualified Staff

All our teachers at Kids Konnect have completed infant courses that train them in providing care for infants and toddlers in a group care setting. These courses help familiarize teachers on how to create developmentally appropriate curriculum as well as how to use materials with this age group.


A clean classroom and kitchen are the first step to preventing the spread of germs and pathogens at school. To that end, we incorporate a cleaning schedule for staff to follow daily. From sanitizing toys to wiping down sinks after every use, we make cleaning a priority for the protection of our staff and children.

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If this information all sounds great to you, why not visit your local Kids Konnect for a free tour and chat with a teaxher?

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