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A STEAM-focused curriculum that teaches children through play

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Fulfill your child's full potential 

Kids Konnect's curriculum teaches through play and engages young children in STEAM subjects such as maths and science.

This encourages your children to pursue their aspirations and reach for the stars. 


Learning through play

A play-based curriculum lets children be children. We use toys and activities to teach children about math or storytelling. For example, we can encourage children to learn basic math by counting the number of toys they're playing with, or they problem solve using their toys and trial & error. 

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crayons green and yellow blob with background
crayons green and yellow blob with background

STEAM focused

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) subjects prepare your child for everyday situations and let them grasp their potential! We focus on STEAM subjects to encourage your children to come out of their shell and find their passion. 

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crayons 2 blob-green

In our classrooms you will find...

Classroom schedules packed with fun, development, and learning

By establishing clear boundaries according to the level of understanding, children become aware of the routines and begin to understand what is expected of them. 

Our toddlerpreschool, and pre-k classroom schedules ensure that every child receives a rounded education and they develop their understanding of a routine. Take a look at our classroom schedules to see what activities your child could be enjoying.

STEAM subjects perfect for little ones

We have three distinct curriculums that cover toddlers, preschool and pre-kindergarten

Our STEAM based curriculum accounts for children’s developmental levels as they use play to investigate and acquire the skills and knowledge they need to be competent and capable in the world around them.

Our curriculum promotes: social skills necessary for success in school; introduces the foundations of literacy and mathematics; fosters respect for others; and introduces the basic concepts of science, art, music, and social studies.


Getting students ready for big school and beyond!

We help prepare your child with the skills they need for modern life by integrating their learning with the core principles of science, technology, engineering and math.

Young children learn through sensorimotor exploration and by bonding with their caregivers.

A play based curriculum...


Builds self-esteem


Develops inclusive attitudes


Helps find their passion

We tailor our curriculum to your child's needs


Trust us to look after your little one when you return to work in the Bay Area. Our Infant curriculum is tailored to children aged 4 months and up. Our preschool teachers are specially trained and qualified in young infant care – they use play-based learning to help our little friends develop skills and learning ability. 

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Kids Konnect gets your toddler ready for school. Our play-based curriculum lets Bay Area toddlers get to grips with what's expected of them when they join elementary school. We build your child's social skills as they learn to be a good friend, participate in games and be inclusive of other races and abilities. 

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Perfect for children aged 3+ our preschool curriculum introduces children to reading & writing, languages, math, science and social studies. A focus on STEAM subjects, we teach children the key social skills required for elementary school with fun activities, lessons and games!

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Kids Konnect's Pre-Kindergarten curriculum helps your children take flight. We prepare your child your elementary school and later life. We reintroduce them to writing, math, science and art subjects and refine their abilities to make sure they soar when they graduate for school. 

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