Prepare your 4-5 year old for school success with our Kindergarten readiness curriculum, available at all of our Bay Area preschools.

The Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

Every child leaves Kids Konnect for kindergarten well prepared with a love for learning and the ability to communicate well with others.
Our pre-kindergarten program focuses on preparing your child for elementary school success. Adhering to school readiness guidelines developed by the California Department of Education, we introduce your child to writing, language, math, science and social studies through interactive, play based teaching.
STEM (or STEAM) subjects - science, technology, engineering, art and math - are essential for your child's school success. That's why, at Kids Konnect, we incorporate these into our activities and lessons throughout our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum.

Tell Me More About STEAM

A play-based curriculum that prepares your child for school success

Let Your Child Soar

Children in our pre-kindergarten classes are encouraged to think critically in a manner that will extend their learning from rote memorization to the true understanding of ideas and concepts. The Pre-K experience will also focus on learning to be a good friend, participating in games with rules and inclusivity of different abilities.

Our fantastic teachers ensure every pre-kindergarten child is ready to take flight after leaving for kindergarten. The packed schedule of learning and play guarantees that every child will always want to come to school. Every day we build on the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of each child; with an emphasis on character and citizenship development.

Our emergent STEM based curriculum of play-based learning is initiated and directed by children. It is an exciting and stimulating program that also allows preschoolers to:

  • Express and regulate their thoughts and feelings
  • Understand themselves and others
  • Problem solve, and overcome challenges (STEM focused)
  • Develop competence and self-confidence
Morning Schedule

Here's a sample schedule of our Pre-K curriculum.

7:00am Arrival and free play
9:00am Circle time
9:20am Music and movement
9:30am Morning snack!

Learning centers
(Art and writing area, block area, dramatic play, science area, computer area, library, toy manipulatives, sensory area)

11:00am Math or science group activity
11:15am Outdoor play
11:45am Group reading
12:00pm Lunch
Afternoon Schedule

Here's what your child may get up to in the afternoon in the Pre-K class.

12:30pm  Story time and nap preparation
1:00pm Nap or rest time
2:45pm Wake up!
3:30pm Afternoon snacks!
4:00pm Outdoor play
5:00pm Free play until closing
6:00pm Goodbye to our friends


"The importance of Pre-K education is that it doesn’t only focus on Kindergarten readiness, but sets young children up for future social, emotional and academic success. What makes Kids Konnect unique is that the children are given ample opportunities to develop with the help of knowledgeable teachers. Academic skills are integrated through play, song and dance. And the children are constantly interacting with their peers and adults to solidify their social skills and emotional development. As children move on to the elementary school setting, they have acquired enough skills to feel confident as they tackle challenges wherever and whatever they do."

- Ms Fieon, Teacher and Business Manager

What's For Lunch?

Our menu changes daily but here's a taste of what's on offer.



Morning Snack

Apples and raisins.



Quesadillas, oranges, milk.



Afternoon Snack

Graham Crackers, sunflower butter.


Safe and wholesome food from 'gate to plate'

Lunch and snack are prepared daily in the Kids Konnect kitchen. We offer a variety of foods so children can try different things. We get our food from our school garden where we grow kale, carrots, onions and other seasonal vegetables. The kids are more willing to try different foods when they participate in growing them. We buy the bulk of our organic foods from Costco and Safeway.


A clean classroom and kitchen are the first step to preventing the spread of germs and pathogens at school. To that end, we incorporate a cleaning schedule for staff to follow daily. From sanitizing toys to wiping down sinks after every use, we make cleaning a priority for the protection of our staff and children.


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