Physical Education is at the heart of learning at Kids Konnect

Fitness and movement enhances children's ability to focus, learn and socialize

The play-based curriculum at Kids Konnect utilizes physical education to not only boost movement and teach children that exercise can be fun, but also to develop their attention spans, coordination and social skills.
Pilot studies have indicated that regular physical activity improves school readiness as children are more able to sit and concentrate on a task, follow instructions and work well in a group. Our curriculum ensures the children are having fun while learning these vital skills and preparing for the future.

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Activities they love

Our preschool curriculum and daily schedule is designed to be varied, challenging and of course super fun! Each day we do physical activity such as movement to music, Soccer Shots, Jamboree and even yoga! During free play, the children can tackle indoor and outdoor obstacle courses, play with balls and crawl through tunnels.
We build self-esteem and confidence and the social skills necessary for success at school
We foster respect for others and learn to work well in a team
Our STEAM focused curriculum introduces the foundations of literacy, math, science, art, music, and social studies

A healthy start in life

Our goal is to instil a positive attitude towards exercise and healthy eating. That's why we ensure our physical activity sessions focus on fun, intuition and relationship building. The daily menu is fresh and varied, designed to introduce children to a wide variety of fruit and vegetables and other healthy foods. These practices provide the education and create the foundations for our young learners to lead healthy balanced lifestyles throughout childhood and into adult life.


What we offer

Every element of life at Kids Konnect has been carefully considered to ensure the best experience. You and your family can expect:

  • Clean, safe, and loving environment
  • Accredited and passionate teachers
  • Play-based learning with academic STEAM influence
  • School readiness program
  • Toddler learning program
  • Large classrooms/outdoor area with small teacher/children group size
  • Nutritious snacks served daily
  • Affordable tuition for part and full time care 

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