Play-Based Curriculum for Toddlers

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Kids Konnect toddler daycare

Kids Konnect's tailored toddler curriculum focuses on preparing your child for preschool success. By adhering to guidelines that indicate school readiness as developed by the California Department of Education, we will introduce your child to letters, numbers, colors, and shapes in their everyday surroundings through interactive, play based teaching.

Age Range

2 yrs+



Opening Days

Mon - Fri



Teacher Ratio




Opening Hours

7.30am - 5.30pm

Rounded education for toddlers

Every child at Kids Konnect is encouraged to think in a manner that will extend learning in school and at home. Like our preschool and pre-kindergarten programs, your child will also focus on learning to be a good friend, participating in games with rules and inclusivity of different abilities.

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crayons 3 Toddlers blob 2-2
crayons 3 Toddlers blob 2-2
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crayons green and yellow Toddlers blob 1-1

STEAM curriculum for toddlers

Making the most of the toddler years are vital for every child's development. Our tailored, STEAM focused curriculum gives you the support they need for the best start in life.

Play-based learning is an exciting and stimulating program that works towards:
  • Gaining cognitive, social, and emotional capabilities
  • Infants expressing and regulating their thoughts and feelings
  • Understanding themselves and others
  • Problem solving, and overcoming challenges (STEM skills)
  • Developing competence and self-confidence
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Toddler curriculum FAQs

How does napping work?

Toddlers transition to a structured napping schedule at your child's own pace. As they grow older, we will communicate with you about when to drop naps completely.

What's for lunch?

Our toddlers enjoy a varied and healthy diet prepared fresh every day. We like lots of fruit and vegetables in our snacks and eat lunch altogether round the table every day.


Example Day Menu

Morning snack: Veggie sticks

Lunch: Tortellini, cantaloupe, milk

Afternoon snack: Animal crackers, cheese


Will my child develop language skills

Yes! We play games, sing songs and do activities to help our toddlers learn colors, numbers, new words and letters. And of course we love story time and communication-focused play to help develop language and communication skills.

Do you cover potty training?

Children do not need to be potty trained when they join Kids Konnect! We work with our families to potty train your children. For children under 3 there is no additional charge for potty training. View your chosen location's tuition page for more info:

Why do toddlers need a structured curriculum?

A structured infant curriculum allows every child to interact with teachers and their friends whilst learning essential skills like taking turns, becoming independent in potty training, and decision making. Each day our toddlers take time to listen to a fascinating story and explore their surroundings in an interactive play-based learning environment.


Ms. Pauline

Toddler Teacher, Pacifica

"An infant's curriculum is essential for getting your child to learn how to socialize and interact with their teachers and their peers. They will learn how to share, take turns, and become independent through potty training. They will also slowly get introduced to letters, numbers, colors, and shapes in their everyday surroundings. These skills will carry on with your child as they progress through their academic career and life. Kids Konnect is a great place for your child to get this foundation because of our play based curriculum. Our play based curriculum is meant to foster your children's decision making through positive reinforcement, trusting relationships, interaction with their peers, and an interactive learning environment. At Kids Konnect we do our best to make sure your child is ready for the next step in their academic career and growth."

Why Kids Konnect?

Play-based curriculum

Our play-based curriculum fosters your children's decision making through positive reinforcement, trusting relationships, interaction with their peers, and an interactive learning environment.

Qualified staff

All our teachers at Kids Konnect have completed infant courses that train them in providing care for infants and toddlers in a group care setting. These courses help familiarize teachers on how to create developmentally appropriate curriculum as well as how to use materials with this age group.


A clean classroom and kitchen are the first step to preventing the spread of germs and pathogens at school. To that end, we incorporate a cleaning schedule for staff to follow daily. From sanitizing toys to wiping down sinks after every use, we make cleaning a priority for the protection of our staff and children.

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