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FOr children aged 4-5

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It's no secret. There is a direct link between quality preschool and elementary school success.

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Kids Konnect delivers a teacher-supported, child-centric environment that addresses every stage of development.
See how we nurture decision-making, problem-solving, math techniques, literacy skills, and more.

Is your child on track?

Monitoring your child's development is helpful in order to detect early hiccups.

The earliest possible detection of developmental challenges allows early intervention or even serve as an indicator of a possible diagnosis. This helps minimize the impact on skill development and potentially your child’s confidence.

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About Kids Konnect

At Kids Konnect, we offer a play based curriculum that strikes balance between teacher-led activity and play. When children play, our teachers are able to engage with them about what interests they have and infuse that interest into the curriculum. Our qualified staff work with all of our children to ensure they progress against the key indicators of child development as outlined by the State of California.

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We make a difference to parents
"We have had a great experience with Kids Konnect. Our kids really love the school and their teachers. Our son wakes up every morning excited to go to school, and our daughter who has moved on to kindergarten often asks to go back to visit her old friends and teachers. As parents, we really appreciate the friendly environment, clean space and the staff at Kids Konnect for always keeping us informed of our child's growth and development. We have seen how the curriculum really prepared our kid for kindergarten and beyond, all while having fun and making friends along the way."
K. Gomez, mom
"Our son has been at Kids Konnect for 15 months now and LOVES it. The teachers are caring, the crafts - creative, and the classroom, open and clean. Would recommend in a heartbeat."
Janna, mom