Reach for the stars

Walk through the door of Kids Konnect Oakland and you'll be greeted with an exciting, stimulating environment of vibrant color, outstanding equipment, toys, preschool facilities, dress-up clothes, and art supplies. It's the perfect place for your child to make friends, learn, develop, and be ready for kindergarten.

Our STEM (STEAM) based curriculum prepares your child for success in education and the wider world.

Tell Me More About STEAM

We love our outdoor area! Every kid can enjoy thousands of feet of safe outdoor play from gardening and  bike riding to playing in sand and climbing, there's so much for your child to do!  


Parents always welcome

We have an open door policy, so parents can pop in anytime.

How can you tell if a preschool is a good fit for you and your child? You come by for a visit! If children are engaged in learning and happy, classrooms are clean, teachers are friendly and educated, and your child looks comfortable - then you may just have found your preschool!

We invite you to read more about our preschool curriculum, tuition and also visit us on Google+ and Facebook to get a sense of day-to-day activity. Feel free to contact us to schedule a tour or stop by to learn more about our program.


Sample day

Our children have a busy schedule that's designed to make the most out of every day. Here's what your child could expect during a day at Kids Konnect.

7:00am School opens and free choie of art, blocks, books, puzzles, dramatic play, science, or table toys
8:50am Cleaning up and washing hands
9:00am Morning snack
9:15am Music and movement
9:30am Circle time
9:45am Group activities and free choice
10:45am Story time
11:00am Outdoor play (weather permitting)
11:30am Lunch time and outdoor play (weather permitting)
12:30pm  Story time and nap/rest time
3:00pm Wake up time/music and movement
3:30pm Afternoon snack
3:45pm Outdoor play (weather permitting)
4:30pm Free choice
5:45pm Table toys
6:00pm Home time