The Benefits of Smaller Class Sizes: 4 Important Reasons Why Our Preschool Staff to Student Ratio is One of the Lowest In Oakland

Smaller class sizes in Oakland benefit preschool children

Preschool education provides children with a fantastic platform to learn and develop during their early years.

At Kids Konnect, our play-based curriculum and STEM (STEAM) focused lessons ensure your child’s day is filled with fun and stimulating activities.

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We love helping your little one prepare for kindergarten and at our San Leandro preschool your child is free to explore the world around them while enjoying all kinds of fun with their friends.

Did you know that at our San Leandro preschool, our teacher to student ratio is just 1:3?

Thanks to one of the lowest teacher to student ratios in the area, we’re able to offer your child a unique balance between socializing with their classmates while at the same time benefiting from one to one support from our highly qualified staff.

So, what are the benefits of smaller preschool class sizes? Let’s discover 4 important reasons why we think keeping staff to student ratios low is best for your child.

1. The classroom becomes a community:

With a smaller class size, it makes sense that preschool children find it easier to connect more closely with their peers.

This ease of connection can help boost your child’s confidence from an early age and enables them to feel more comfortable sharing their ideas and thoughts.

A smaller cohort also allows each child to have an opportunity to speak up and participate in group discussions – a lifelong skill that will serve them well into kindergarten and beyond.


smaller class sizes create a cohesive community


2. Your child’s learning experience is enhanced:

At our Oakland preschool, our teachers are able to spend more time teaching and less time trying to hold the attention of classmates who are easily distracted.

Furthermore, our staff can make better assessments of class progression that can lead to more spontaneous interaction during lessons.

To ensure children stay engaged, a limited class size enables teachers to cater to different learning styles, making your preschooler’s learning experience a more tailored one.


low staff to student ratios are good for classes with different learning styles


3. As close to one to one preschool tuition as possible:

It stands to reasons that a reduced class size at our Oakland preschool allows children to have more individual face-to-face time with their teacher

Even at a young age children are particularly sensitive to the feeling that their teacher cares about them and therefore, at Kids Konnect, we strive to make their learning journey as comfortable and fun as possible.

Above all, when children feel supported and loved, they excel.


one to one support is possible in smaller classes


4. No child left behind:

In a large classroom it can be more difficult for teachers to identify which of their preschooler’s are struggling and with what subjects.

In a smaller class we find children seem more motivated and consequently more engaged with their learning.

Moreover, it’s no secret that it’s far more difficult for children to suffer in silence when their teacher is able to keep a closer eye on their progress.


children in smaller classes are less likely to fall behind


In Oakland, smaller classes mean happier preschoolers (and teachers too)

Ultimately, a reduced class size improves community cohesion and ensures your child gets the best possible preschool provisions.

With this in mind however, our staff to student ratio of 1:3 in Oakland is just one of the reasons we think our preschool is the perfect fit for your child.

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