"L is for Leaves," and other Preschool Literacy Activities for Fall

Over and over, studies show that children raised in homes that promote literacy become better readers and do better in school. What can you do to help your child learn to read? Lots of things! Here are some preschool literacy activities for Fall:

shutterstock_287464589.jpg"L is for Leaves"

This fun letter activity helps children to learn letters and match them with words and objects.

  • Take cardboard and draw a big letter "L." Have your child cut it out and color it.
  • Go outside and gather some leaves.
  • Glue the leaves to the letter "L" and then paste the L on a piece of paper and write "L is for Leaves" at the bottom.
  • Try making "A is for Acorn" or "C is for Corn" (use popcorn).

Matching Leaves

Another important literacy skill is learning to match upper and lower case letters. Make this leaf matching game to help your child learn.

  • Cut out leaves from fall colored paper. Write capital letters on some and lower case letters on others. For younger children, just start with a few easy pairs like "Ss" and "Mm."
  • Let your child mix all the letters up on a table, then have them match up the pairs of capital and lower case letters.
  • When they can do that easily, play "match" with the letters by turning them all face down and then turning two letters over at a time to see if they are pairs. Children can play by themselves, with a friend, or with you.

Falling Leaves

At Kids Konnect, teachers know that kids learn best while playing. Let your child get the wiggles out by playing the Falling Leaves game:

  1. Give a letter leaf to your child.
  2. Tell them to make the leaf fall on an object starting with that letter.
  3. If they need help, tell them the object. For example:
  • Can you put the B leaf on a book?
  • Can you put the C leaf on a car?

Literacy as Positive Parenting Lifestyle

Promoting literacy can be as simple as taking a walk and pointing out the names of things you see, talking about what letter they begin with, and writing that letter in the dirt. Be creative and look for ways to teach letters, words and sounds. Do you have a favorite literacy activity you do with your child? Please share!