A Day in the Life at Kids Konnect Summer Camp San Leandro 2024

Summer at Kids Konnect Summer Camp means fun and learning! Your child's imagination will run wild with all the cool activities we've got lined up. From playing in the mud to meeting some awesome animals, each week brings something new and exciting for 5-8 year-olds.


Our day camp in San Leandro, CA, is perfect for families looking for a great summer adventure. We're all set to make summer 2024 amazing, from June 17 to August 23, with loads of activities that promise both fun and learning. Join us for a summer filled with new experiences and big smiles!

A Sample Schedule of Kids Konnect Summer Camp

9:00 AM – Arrival and Welcome

The day begins with a warm welcome as your child is greeted by our experienced teachers—ready for a day full of fun and learning. With a child-to-teacher ratio of 8:1, individual attention is the pinnacle of our approach. The children settle in with some free play with the choice of manipulatives (blocks, tiles and other engineering-focused toys), board games and different play areas.

9:30 AM – Snack time!

10 AM – Themed Activities

Interactive projects kick off the day; hands plunged into suds on ‘Soapy Suds’ week, or brushed against rough bark during ‘Naturally Nature’. These tactile adventures are not just play but a doorway to grasping complex scientific concepts. Whether it's constructing with legos or crafting artworks from recycled materials, activities are enmeshed with the week’s theme, ensuring learning and creativity. We incorporate your child's individual interests to help them engage with the learning - it's all part of the fun!

11:30 AM – Outdoor Play

We spend lots of time outdoors doing physical activity and exploring the natural world right in our backyard. Whether it's games, climbing, waterplay, or ecological exploration, the outdoor space let's us get lots of fresh air while learning and having fun.

1 PM – Lunch Time

We all dine together picnic style outside!

1:45 PM – More Activities!

 We rotate science projects each afternoon and the children can also choose to do some arts and crafts or play a board game.

3:00 PM – Outside again

We get outside again to run around, play games and burn off lots of energy.

4 - 5:30 PM – Free Play

We wrap up the day with some free play while everyone gets collected.



Themes Shaping Tomorrow's Pioneers

Kids Konnect is well known for its focus on STEAM learning, and we've channelled that into our Summer Camp! Themes like ‘Summer Science Lab’ and ‘Art Recycled’ are not mere titles but narratives that enrich children’s comprehension of the world. Our 'Food Fun' week, for instance, is a delectable blend of cooking and science, rooting lessons in taste and teamwork.

  • Mud Madness introduces children to the tactile joy of mud through various projects and learning opportunities. We'll have lots of water play so bring your swimsuits this week!
  • Soapy Suds transitions from getting dirty to the fun of cleaning up using soap in art, water play, and science activities.
  • Learn with Legos aims at budding engineers, focusing on building and creativity to enhance math skills and spatial awareness.
  • Naturally Nature dedicates a week to exploring California's flora and fauna, using natural materials for projects and outdoor learning about ecology.
  • Sand Sensory turns the week into a beach-themed adventure, with lessons on rock formation.
  • Water Wonders dives into water science, teaching about the water cycle and offering ice exploration and water games.
  • Food Fun makes food a medium for learning, with cooking projects that teach about measurement, healthy eating, and exercise.
  • See the full schedule here

We can't wait for a summer of learning and fun!

Visit our website or contact us directly to secure a summer of unforgettable memories and irreplaceable growth for your child. Because here at Kids Konnect, every day is an additional strand woven into the colourful tapestry of your child’s potential.