Reality Check: Coronavirus and Preschool-Aged Children

Last week, the LA Times reported that despite being “mask licking germ bombs”, few preschoolers catch the coronavirus. The article goes on to discuss how prevalent other illnesses can be in preschools, with a healthy preschooler bringing home 12 - 18 upper respiratory infections, at least six to eight colds, two cases of croup, and very often flu—all in a typical year. However when it comes to COVID-19, only 450 students have tested positive across the 33,773 open preschools. Even when including staff and parents, the overwhelming majority of preschools in California have reported zero cases of COVID-19.

Researchers are unclear about why preschool aged children do not seem to be catching or spreading the coronavirus, but as the data builds, the evidence gets stronger and stronger. Preschool is safe for children and families.

So what does this mean for us at Kids Konnect. Obviously I am delighted that the data points this way, and that I can confidently welcome back children and families to our five preschools. However, there is still a pandemic to be reckoned with, and Kids Konnect will continue to operate under strict social distancing measures.

California has some of the strictest viral containment measures in the country, which is why experts believe our statistics are much more favorable than in Texas or Florida, and Kids Konnect is well equipped to comply with these measures.


Kids Konnect COVID-19 Procedure

Watch this video for an overview of the Kids Konnect COVID-19 procedures

Measures include:

  • Thorough, frequent disinfecting of toys, play areas, chairs, desks, equipment, surfaces, door knobs, etc
  • Temperature checks on entry and twice a day for both children and staff members
  • On entry to the classroom, children are taken to wash hands for at least 20 seconds
  • One family at a time inside the building for pick ups and drop off
  • Parents asked to not enter the physical classroom during pick up / drop off
  • Masks required and hand sanitizer provided for adults
  • Hand washing, clean gloves and masks used for all food preparation
  • Bathrooms sanitized after every use
  • Teaching the importance of hand washing to preschoolers
  • Teachers wear masks and gloves at infant centers
  • Group sizes of 12 or less that do not mix with other groups
  • Spaced out beds for nap times
  • Open windows for fresh air flow
  • Full disinfecting of each center at the end of each school day
  • Running virtual tours only for prospective new families

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The data collected by researchers so far shows that preschools are safe and children returning to classrooms is unlikely to change the course of the pandemic, even in places where overall transmission is high. This information, combined with our dedication to upholding the tightest restrictions and procedures to keep our staff and students safe, we are delighted to offer preschool places across the Bay Area and welcome our families back.