What is Circle Time?

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Kids Konnect loves Circle Time and it’s a vital part of our daily preschool play-based curriculum.

Originally invented by British early learning teachers, American preschools have turned circle time into an informal and relaxed teaching method. 

Circle Time is a great way to create lasting bonds between classmates. A lot of preschool students struggle forming relationships with their peers and haven’t developed the social, emotional and communicational skills needed to make good friends.

Kids Konnect believed circle time is a great way for young children in the Bay Area to improve their relationships and behaviour. This blog post reveals why Kids Konnects loves Circle Time, explains what Circle Time is and what actually happens during Circle Time.  

What is circle time?

Circle Time is an activity that develops positive relationships between the children and gives them the tools to engage with each other. 

The whole class takes part in Circle Time, and the activity is used to solve problems that are affecting the class such as too much talking. 

We have identified five key skills Circle Time helps young children develop:

  • Thinking
  • Listening
  • Looking
  • Speaking
  • Concentrating

Kids Konnect’s young children learn to work together and are encouraged to develop skills in unity, respect and turn-taking. 

Circle Time is always light-hearted fun and a positive experience for the children – it gets them ready for learning and engages them in their daily activities. 

When does Kids Konnect hold circle time?

Kids Konnect holds Circle Time for 20-to-50 minutes in the morning with the entire class. 

What happens in circle time?

Our preschool teachers lead the circle time sessions, and sometimes our young children do as well! 

We encourage our students to take part in the circle time sessions. This encourages them to take an active role in life. 

Circle Time is structured to make sure all children are involved. There are common rules including putting up your hands to speak, waiting for your turn, allowing children to pass if they want to, and valuing all contributions. 

Sometimes we pass a ball around the circle so that the children know when to speak. And, of course, everyone is sitting in a circle!

During Circle Time, we run activities and have general discussions about thoughts and feelings. 

Kids Konnect has some favourite Circle Time activities including:

  • Simon Says
  • Musical games
  • Storytime
  • Imagination game
  • A calming down game like sleeping lions


What are the benefits of circle time?


One of the best benefits of circle time is that it gives children the opportunity to socialize. Our children learn more about themselves and how they relate to other students. Nurturing a child’s social skills is important and prepares them for kindergarten and school. Social skills also help them in later life too. 

Used to routines

Elementary school is very regulated and structured by routine. By scheduling regular circle time at Kids Konnect, we introduce the concept of time to students, familiarize them with schedules and routine. 

Better listening skills

In Circle Time, children have to listen to their teacher and other students as everyone takes their turn to speak. This will help children develop their listening and communication skills.

School readiness

Preschool plays a major role in preparing young leaders for later life and especially success at elementary school. During Circle Time, students learn about patience and the listening skills they need to be successful at school. In a preschool setting, Circle Time increases a child’s awareness of language and sensory experiences. 

Better motivated for school

Circle Time is always fun! With games, dances and music, Circle Time can make young children excited about going to school. They will be looking forward to getting out of bed and going to preschool, school and maybe even high school!

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Circle Time is a great preschool activity that nurtures a young child’s growth and development. Circle Time happens at every Kids Konnect preschool and infant center in the Bay Area.

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