3 Magical Music Activities for Preschoolers

Preschool children can learn through music
Music is everywhere we go.

From the busker on the street to the radio playing in the grocery store, it is almost impossible for your preschooler to ignore the constant sounds going on in the world around them.

However, did you know that introducing your child to music is an excellent way to provide learning opportunities that pave the way for vocabulary building and math comprehension?

Young children tend to have a shorter attention span than adults, and they can sometimes find it difficult to stay still.

Channeling this energy in a positive way through activities focused around music ensures your child gets the stimulation they need to grow and develop in a fun and welcoming setting.

At our Kids Konnect preschools in San Mateo, Oakland, Pacifica, and San Leandro, our play-based curriculum is packed with regular music and movement sessions that put a smile on every child’s face and even satisfy our teachers urges to dance.

What is a Play-Based Curriculum?

Let’s discover 3 fun activities that can make learning through music an awe-inspiring experience for your preschooler.

1. Freeze Dance

This iconic party game is incredibly easy to set up and can be played just about anywhere.

Put on one of your child’s favorite songs and encourage them to dance around the room.

Explain that when the music stops, they must stand absolutely still until the music comes back on.

Freeze Dance allows children to be creative with their movements by improvising actions, in turn promoting physical coordination as well as listening skills.

Furthermore, once your preschooler has grasped the basics, why not introduce them to some slower or faster songs so that your child can learn to move to different tempos.

You can even incorporate some specific moves such as head nodding, arm swinging, or circle turning to raise even more bodily awareness.


Freeze Dance is fun for children


2. Draw to the Beat

Drawing to music is a unique method of teaching children to appreciate different genres.

Expressing their thoughts and feelings about a song creatively can prompt preschoolers to connect hearing and seeing, enhancing their communication skills.

Start by supplying your child with plenty of paper and a selection of colored pens or crayons.

Play a variety of musical genres and encourage your preschooler to draw what they can hear.

To give your little one a helping hand, try drawing to a song together first.

Based on the genre – pop, classical, country – your child should draw different strokes in several colors to match their feelings about the song.


Drawing to music teaches children about genres


3. DIY Band

Learning about cause and effect is an important concept that preschoolers must grasp early on in order to advance through the developmental stages.

Furthermore sensory activities are the key to developing new pathways in your child’s brain.

So, gather as many ‘instruments’ from around your house to create your very own family band.

For example, pots, pans, and spoons can make an excellent drum kit that can teach your child about types of sounds.

Additionally, if you are feeling extra creative, you could even make a guitar out of a tissue box, a cardboard tube and some elastic bands, putting into practice your preschooler’s motor skills

Children love to learn about sounds, so fill a container with different materials such as pebbles, dried pasta, rice or even liquids such as water or oil and give it a shake to create your very own noisy maracas.


Children love to make instruments

Making musical memories is fun for all the family

Ultimately, the best thing about learning through music is that neither you nor your preschooler needs to play an instrument or sing well to enjoy a good time together.

What are some of your preschooler’s favorite activities that involve music?

Let us know in the comments below.