A Day in the Life: What Kids do in a Play-Based Preschool

What does a child actually do all day in a play-based preschool? As a parent, you might wonder how the classroom environment really facilitates learning, and how play-based curriculum really works out in the daily schedule.

shutterstock_51806641.jpgRelationships are Key

Unlike a curriculum-based approach where the task sets the daily activities, play-based classrooms are relationship centered. From the start of the day until the end, teachers are focused on making sure children learn how to work together, make choices, show respect for others, and share what they learn.

Pro tip: Check out this clip showing our preschool teachers describing a play-based curriculum

Balanced Rhythm of Activities

A play-based environment accommodates the preschooler's need for variety by moving through a variety of types of play activities. A typical preschool schedule might be:

  • Opening greetings and play
  • Snack
  • Large group activity about weather, calendar and letter of the week
  • Learning centers
  • Story time and language arts
  • Outside play
  • Math centers
  • Lunch
  • Art project or science experiment
  • Rest time
  • Finishing projects or learning center time
  • Snack
  • Outside play
  • Inside play activities

Teachers Guide Learning

Throughout the day in a play-based environment, teachers act as facilitators. They start the day by getting children involved in educational center activities and draw new insights from children by asking questions. Teachers facilitate children's learning by using group learning time to help children share what they've learned. Furthermore, teachers reinforce learning in group time through songs, games, and stories.

Learning and play doesn't have to stop when you pick up your kid from school. There's loads of tips out there on Pintrest, YouTube, and the Kids Konnect blog like using play to get out of the door on time and simple and fun math games to play at home with your preschooler.

Teachers Work with Parents

The play-based curriculum also creates an environment which encourages a close relationship between teachers and parents. In testimonies about Kid's Konnect, parents are quick to point to how at drop-off and pick-up teachers are always kind, excited about the day, eager to see the students and also to talk with parents about any concerns.

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