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Simple and Fun Math Games to Play at Home with Your Preschooler

by Makinya Ward on March 15, 2016
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Why not teach your child math while you go about your day? Preschool age math involves numbers, patterns, shapes, and problem-solving. Have fun with your child with these games:

shutterstock_298830842.jpgMatching Dots: Teach number sense by playing "match the dots." Roll a dice and then have your child set out that number of objects. When your child has mastered one dice, try using two, or use playing cards. When they are ready, you can switch to writing a number and having them count out objects.

Memory Games: Purchase a memory game, use playing cards, or make a game from shells. Play memory by placing cards in a grid. Each person takes two cards and keeps them if they match.

Pattern and Sorting Games: Play pattern or sorting games using Legos, buttons, cereal, matchbox cars or any fun object. To make a sorting game, use empty egg cartons and a pile of objects to sort by color, size or shape. Play pattern games by taking turns making a pattern and having the other person add to it, or guess what makes it a pattern. Start with simple AB patterns like red, yellow, red. As your preschool age child gets better, make more complicated patterns. Have fun by using stickers, toys, candy or socks!

Measuring Games: Use all of your child's senses when you make a Sensory Tub from a plastic bin filled with a material that can be poured and measured like:

  • oatmeal
  • cereal
  • buttons
  • rice
  • beans
  • water

Add containers of all sizes and play math games by taking turns guessing how many spoonfuls it will take to fill up a container. Or guess which container will hold the most.

Chutes and Ladders: Teach your child how to count and understand 1 to 100 with this classic board game. You can buy the commercial game or build your own version, called The Great Race. Either way, research shows that playing this game helps kids build lasting math concepts.

Kid's Konnect preschool believes in play-based learning. Playing simple math games at home like matching, memory, patterns, sorting, measuring and math board games is a great way to enjoy spending time with your child and support what they are learning in preschool. Do you have a favorite math game? Share it with us!

Topics: Preschool Curriculum