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Quick Quiz: Are You Helping Your Child Be Helpless?

by Makinya Ward on April 21, 2016
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Do you sometimes feel that your busy routine is on auto-pilot? Parenting can sometimes be such a routine that you might not stop to think about the role of each member of the family and their responsibilities. At Kids Konnect preschool, children are given responsibilities for taking care of themselves and their classroom. However, sometimes these same responsible children seem helpless at home. Take this quick quiz to find out if you are helping your child to be helpless:

shutterstock_223573555.jpgIs Your Child Demanding?

When a parent is doing too much, children often become demanding and whiny. If your child is constantly asking for things, you may be doing too much for them. Realize that your child is demanding because you haven't given them the encouragement to make their own choices. Children love responsibility and often rise to the occasion, so the next time your child demands something, tell them, "I know you can do that yourself!"

Does Your Child Seem Unable to Complete Tasks?

Are you constantly finishing tasks for your child? Do you put away their toys, pick up their dropped clothes and shoes or clear their dishes? While it might be easier in the short-run to do tasks for your child, you may be sending your child the message that they can't do things for themselves, or that they don't have to be responsible. A few moments now to remind them of the importance of cleaning up after themselves will make the coming years easier on you.

Does Your Child Act Entitled?

Parenting is teaching your child the difference between needs and wants. Parenting is also about teaching your child to recognize and fulfill responsibilities. Many mental health workers have become concerned that today's children have a sense of entitlement, as if things are "owed" to them. When life is stressful and busy, it can be hard to take the time to insist that children do their own chores, but in the long-run taking the time to discipline and enforce consequences is good for you and your child.

How to Create a Responsible Child

How'd you to on the quiz? Don't give up. Parenting a preschool child isn't easy, but you have time to change your family dynamic. Set expectations for your child and explain them clearly. Give them appropriate age level tasks and give plenty of praise when they help. What chores do you have your preschooler do?