7 Times of the Day to Try a New Activity With Your Preschool Child

Keeping your preschooler stimulated by providing interesting and creative activities is a great way to bond with your developing child and help them to explore and understand the world around them.

But what times of the day are best to try something new? Research suggests that there are in fact optimal hours of the day to slot in different types of activities.

Our Pacifica, San Mateo and Oakland preschools offer an amazing selection of activities, but for parents looking to keep their little ones busy when they're not under our wing, here are 7 times of the day to try an exciting new activity with your preschooler.


1. In the Morning

Are you a morning person? Channel your inner lark and get your day off to a great start by setting aside 20 minutes dedicated to planning your preschooler’s day.

Make a large poster with clocks displaying times of the day and encourage your kid to stick photos with activities relevant to that time next to them.

This prepares your kid for the day ahead and gives them a chance to feel involved in daily routines.




2. After Going to the Grocery Store

Teach your child about the importance of healthy eating by cutting out pictures of different foods from grocery flyers and sticking them on to paper plates.

Sort the pictures in to different categories such as fruits, vegetables and dairy products and encourage your preschooler to talk about how eating a balanced diet helps them to grow.

Bonus Tip: You can hang up the finished plates in your kitchen to remind your child about the different food groups every mealtime.




3. While waiting for a friend or relative

Do you have a friend or relative who is always late? (Guilty as charged)

Make use of this waiting time by handing your preschooler a self-contained toy such as an Etch-A-Sketch or a Magna Doodle.

These toys are available in handy travel sizes and allow your kid to use their imagination and engage in expression, helping to build their self-confidence.




4. On the move

The thought of travelling with a preschooler can strike fear into the heart of even the most experience responsible adult.

One activity guaranteed to keep your child distracted and engaged with their surroundings though is ‘I Spy’.

While in the car, ask your child to spot things around them. This timeless game easily extends to other modes of transport and teaches children how objects and letters are related to words.

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5. Snack time

Create an edible garden of finger friendly nibbles designed to keep hunger at bay by getting your child to help prepare a feast of fresh vegetables and calcium-rich cheeses.

By using celery stalks as flower stems and white and yellow cheese slices as petals, your preschooler will love the look and taste of these yummy (and nutritious) floral treats.

Involving your kid in food preparation is an awesome way to teach them healthy habits early in life and may inspire them to reach for fruits and vegetables instead of sugary candies in future.




6. Before Dinner

While you’re busy trying to get dinner on the table, settle your preschooler in to an activity they can enjoy while you supervise from afar.

Get your child to create an underwater ocean scene using art supplies from around the house. Talk to your preschooler about the kinds of animals and plants that might live by the beach.

They can then glue sand, fish shaped crackers and pasta shells to a paper plate to create a realistic, 3D seafloor.




7. Between Dinner and Bedtime

Beat the bedtime blues by winding down with one last activity guaranteed to give your preschooler a good night’s sleep.

Try recycling an old CD into a dream catcher. Help your child glue rhinestones, feathers and glitter in a sparkly design while teaching them the importance of rest.

Once finished hang their creation from a bedroom window using colorful ribbon. Sweet dreams!




What times of day do you find best to try new activities with your preschooler? Let us know in the comments below.

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