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3 Exciting Reasons Why Engineering is So Important to STEM (STEAM) Education in Preschools

by Kyle Zabawa on May 28, 2019

Engineering is important in preschool education

Engineering – the process of designing and building – is an important STEAM skill that your child can learn through play at a young age.

Naturally, preschool children love exploring and figuring out how things work.

Engineering is the third letter in the STEM (STEAM) acronym and for the next generation of engineers, it’s important that engineering lessons at preschool are fun, age appropriate and engaging.

Tell Me More About STEAM

With innovations in technology and manufacturing emerging every day, it makes sense to prepare the next generation to be thinking about solutions to common problems.

At Kids Konnect preschools, our fantastic play-based curriculum is filled with activities developed with STEM (STEAM) subjects at the forefront.

Engineering can have real world applications to diverse areas such as business, government, and even catering, so there really is something within the field of engineering to interest every child.

In this blog, we’ll discover 3 reasons why engineering is such an important part of preschool education.

1. Play and Engineering Fit Together Fantastically

Preschoolers are hands on learners and so there really is no better way for children to be introduced to basic engineering concepts and motor skills than through building blocks, marbles and sand pit activities.

By playing with these toys, children are given plenty of opportunities to build, explore and discover, using their instincts and learning from what does and does not work.

What is a Play-Based Curriculum?

Above all, activities that encourage children to test their engineering abilities can teach preschoolers that tools help people to do things - an incredibly important lesson to grasp at this developmental stage.


play involves engineering skills


2. Engineering Builds Team Work Skills

Learning how to collaborate and share ideas productively is an ongoing life skill and one that should start as young as possible.

Furthermore, young children can develop empathy and compassion for others during class engineering projects that involve discussions and being part of a team.

When building a structure out of toy blocks during a class activity for example, preschoolers must work together to make sure their tower is the tallest, encouraging spatial awareness and clear communication.


engineering introduces preschoolers to team work


3. Preschool Engineering Lessons Prepare Children for Later Education and Careers

Engineering concepts are a great way for children to deepen their understanding of STEM skills by navigating their natural curiosity.

This foundation for engineering abilities can spark an interest in other areas such as the environment or construction that, at this key age, prompts preschoolers to ask questions, learn from experience and also think about their favorite class topics.

More importantly, in an increasingly competitive and demanding world, your child’s preschool education can give them a boost that could lead to bigger ideas as they develop, learn and grow.


learning about engineering at a young age could be helpful


Engineering Lessons Prepare Children for the Wider World

Preschool education can be a unique opportunity to introduce valuable STEM (STEAM) skills through fun games and activities that will serve them in their later life and career.

Furthermore, an interest in engineering goes hand in hand with your child’s natural curiosity about how things work and fit together.

Ultimately, engineering isn’t all about blueprints and a toolkit – why not try some engineering based activities at home to learn a lesson of your own?

Want to learn more about the importance of STEM subjects? Click the link for our blog on the importance of technology at preschool.


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