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Role Modeling Respect: Raising Considerate Kids

by Makinya Ward on June 28, 2016
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Want your children to treat other people well? Good parenting models respect in relationships. Children learn to be considerate when they're taught to treat others with kindness and see it modeled by their parents. Here are some tips for raising considerate children:

shutterstock_131909930.jpgConsideration Is More Than Please and Thank You

Teaching your children respectful behavior and polite words is important in good parenting; however, giving your child the ability to really understand the difficulties of other people and respond in kindness and generosity is perhaps even more essential. Children who learn to empathize with others have a more genuine and long-lasting ability to be considerate because they won't be acting only out of obligation.

Explain Other People's Feelings

One good parenting technique to teach empathy is by being an emotional coach. Research shows that children who understand emotions deal with them much more successfully. Coach your children by:

  • Teaching them to be aware of emotions.
  • Helping them understand their own emotions.
  • Respecting your child's feelings.
  • Helping children name emotions.
  • Assisting them to find solutions to problems.

Plan Considerate Actions

Help your child transition from understanding to doing by asking questions and making plans of action. For example, say, "Grandpa is sad because he misses Grandma. What can we do to cheer him up?" Your child may have a suggestion like taking Grandpa for a walk in the park or baking some cookies to take to him. Involving your child in your own acts of kindness for others is a good parenting technique.

Give Together

Make giving and volunteering a regular family activity. Let your child go through their toys and clothes to see what can be donated. Take them with you when you give them away and show them where they're sold to help other people. Allow your child the chance to interact with others by taking them with you as you visit someone in a nursing home or help serve food at a homeless shelter.

At Kids Konnect Preschool, children learn to empathize with others through reading literature and practicing kindness and respect in the classroom. Good parenting follows up on what children learn in school and helps them to practice it in their daily lives. How do you teach your child to respect others?