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Quick Quiz: Are You Raising a Literature Lover?

by Makinya Ward on May 19, 2016
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Want to raise a child who loves books? At Kids Konnect, teachers read with students every day. However, children who have parents who foster reading through positive parenting have a much easier time learning. Take this quiz to see if you are raising a literature lover:

shutterstock_154179290.jpg1. How Many Books Does Your Child Have in Their Room?

a. All our books are on our family bookshelf.

b. A basketful.

c. Too many to count.

If you didn't answer "c" you might want to start shopping for more books. Shelves of books in your child's room encourages them to know reading is important and fun.

2. What Does Your Child's Favorite Book Look Like?

a. Falling in pieces.

b. I don't know my child's favorite book.

c. In perfect condition because we keep it safe.

Hopefully, you answered "a" because, like the Velveteen Rabbit, well-loved books become "real" when they are worn out by love. One positive parenting technique is to let your children have books that they use so much they wear out.

3. How Often Do You Read With Your Child?

a. At least twice a day.

b. Most days.

c. A few times a week.

Research shows that reading aloud to preschoolers is one of the most important things that parents can do to develop early language skills, positive feelings about books, and children who do well in school. Did you answer "a?" Reading more than one book a day is a good goal to set.

4. When Do You Read Your Own Books?

a. Never, I don't have time to read.

b. I read while my child plays.

c. When my child is in bed.

Best answer? Positive parenting sets an example for your child, so be sure to do "b."

5. How Often Do You Bring Your Child to the Library?

a. Never.

b. Every week.

c. Every once in a while.

Regular trips to the library help your child help your child see themselves as a reader. They can try new books, go to story times, and join reading clubs. So go to the library every week, or as often as you can!

Positive parenting means helping your child become a literature lover by giving your children books, reading aloud, visiting the library and setting a good example by reading for fun. What's your favorite book to read with your child?

Topics: Child development