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How to Talk to Young Children about Race

by Makinya Ward on June 3, 2020
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While there is no easy way to dive into the topic of race with young children, we as adults, can still have age appropriate discussions around the complexities of race and racial inequality. It is important that we communicate and speak openly so that children are able to make meaningful connections and learn about patterns that lead to racial bias.

Kids Konnect recognizes diversity and cultures of the world, and you can see this throughout our schools. We are passionate about nurturing empathy and compassion for others. We know that children copy what they see and hear, so as adults we must recognize that examples of tolerance, acceptance and equality must first come from the adults in their lives.

This blog lists the many (freely available) resources available to help families talk to their children about race and racism.

Getting Started: The worst way to talk about race is to not talk at all

Helpful resources for before you start:




Activities to teach your children about race and racism

To encourage conversations about race you could try these activities.

  • All About Me (activities like sharing their family tree, family background and heritage, food, pictures, clothing, traditions etc)
  • Open-ended discussions on similarities/differences about skin color, eyes, hair, etc.
  • Read: The Skin We Live in by Michael Tyler and Shades of Black by Sandra Pinkey

    At Kids Konnect we always offer the children various colors of paint to create our classmates skin color/hair color. We then make portraits with the paint the children make. 

Play activities

Books and songs that support the awareness of race and diversity

  • Say Something by Peter H. Reynolds

(We recommend reading this one aloud)


  • I am Human by Susan Verde
 A book about empathy and putting children in charges of their feelings and emotions.

  • All the Colors We Are by Katie Kissinger (Available in English and Spanish)

More Children's Books on Racism

It's a tough one but we have a responsibility to talk to our young children about race. We hope you find these resources helpful and please reach out to a teacher at Kids Konnect for more guidance if you feel you need it.

We stand in solidarity with one another and especially in this crucial time to speak out against racial biases and inequality. 

Thank you from all the staff at Kids Konnect


Topics: Child development, Activities for Preschoolers, Race