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How to Fill Your Summer with Great Memories Without Breaking the Bank

by Laura Barrington on June 30, 2017

Summer is here! While we'll never complain about gloriously long days and sunny weather, summer does tend to pose one tiny problem for parents of preschoolers.

What do we do with all this extra time?!

While summer camps, creches and sports academies are great, they tend to be aimed at older kids; not to mention expensive if they're done for more than a few weeks. But there's no need to panic! With a tiny bit of inspiration, you'll realise that the best memories are made from the most simple of activities, whether that's baking cookies with Grandma or holding your own sports day with the neighbours.

Check out some of these summer activities that can be done with little to no budget, and see how much fun you can have! 

Here are a few ideas to keep you going :

  • Baking:  Get your preschooler involved in measuring and baking cupcakes or cookies, then decorate them with icing and edible decorations
  • Arts and crafts kit: Gather all ribbons, fun packaging and wrappers throughout the year and keep it for making crafts and collages.
  • Scavenging: When the seaosn is right, go berry picking to make jam, crumbles or other desserts. 
  • Forts and dens: Depending on your space and creativity, you can construct fortresses from sheets, furniture, carboard or even create a treehouse outside! 
  • Beach fun: Build sandcastles, lifesize animals, castles ... get creative!
  • Come up with a story and write a book together. With illustrations and a bit of laminating, you have a lifelong momento to cherish. 
  • Camping: While your kids are small the backyard could be as far as you go, but for them it's a huge adventure!
  • Set up your paddling pool and have fun waterfights with your hose or water pistols.
  • Collect shells for collages or rocks for painting. These could be varnished by you and made into sweet gifts.
  • Make a mural on a wall with all the summer's creations ( Depending on how good it is, you could make it a less visible wall!)
  • Draw on the sidewalk or paving with chalk
  • Pack a picnic and walk, cycle or drive to somewhere pretty
  • Dressing up
  • Puppet shows
  • Allocate a small part of the  backyard for them to look after and explain how its done.

There you have it! Hopefully this list has got you running for the nearest craft shop and stocking up your baking supplies. With a sprinkle of imagination and creativity, your kids will be entertained all summer long!

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