5 Fun Activities for Preschool Kids in South San Francisco

Located on the Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area, South San Francisco is a city with a rich history. Thanks to its Mediterranean weather and stunning scenery, there are so many exciting activities for parents and preschoolers to enjoy.

But where should you begin? Here are five fun activities to try with your kid in the ‘South City’.

1. A Trip To the Park:

Orange Memorial Park is a tree lined city park and home to an indoor aquatics center, tennis courts and even a large playground. Make the most of the South San Francisco sunshine and spend a day exploring everything the park has to offer. You can even bring a picnic filled with healthy snacks for your kid to enjoy.

group of parents in a bay area park

2. Witness the Wind Harp:

This striking 92-foot-tall sculpture is one of the world’s largest Aeolian harps. This instrument lets loose a melodic hum as the fast moving San Francisco air passes through it. Your kid will love listening to the fascinating sounds this piece of architecture can produce on a windy day.



3. Hike To Gray Whale Cove:

California has long enjoyed a reputation as a hiking hotspot and Gray Whale Cove is a must see spot. Grab your kid’s comfiest shoes and pay a visit to this beautiful beach. Just don’t forget your sunscreen. If you’re lucky you and your kid may even spot a gray whale close to the shore.

BONUS ACTIVITY: make a piece of underwater artwork to celebrate your visit to Grey Whale Cove back at home.

whale tail off the coast of San Francisco

4. Cast a line at Pacifica Pier:

If you and your family enjoy fishing, your kid will love Pacifica Pier. This pier is one of the most popular in the Bay Area and is famous for its salmon. On a good day, hundreds of fish can be caught – so why not give angling a go?

5. Learn to Love the Library:

Activities that promote your kid’s early reading skills are essential to help your developing preschooler understand the world around them. Kids love to listen to the sound of your voice so encourage your child to choose an age-appropriate book at the South San Francisco Public Library.

child with sunglasses and straw hat

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What are some of your kid’s favorite things to do in South San Francisco? Let us know in the comments below.