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Quick Quiz: Are You Rasing an Independent Child?

by Makinya Ward on March 10, 2016
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Do you want your child to become an independent adult? Luckily, according to psychologists, parents have a lot of influence in making their children leaders. Take this quiz to see if you are raising an independent child:

Do You Let Your Child Create their Own Goals?

Do you wish you'd learned to play the piano or violin as a child? Do you dream of your child becoming a doctor? There's nothing wrong with parents wanting to give children opportunities, but putting your own dreams on children can backfire. Children who choose their own goals have more motivation to achieve them and develop into leaders rather than followers.

shutterstock_2852977.jpgDo You Provide Support and Opportunities?

Just because you let your child decide on their own goals and activities doesn't mean that you don't provide significant contributions to your child's efforts. Independent children need encouragement, guiding love, emotional support, and practical support like:

  • Supplying special clothing, materials, and equipment.
  • Providing transportation.
  • Arranging for instruction, education, and lessons.
  • Scheduling time for activities into the family schedule.

Do You Help Your Child Make Decisions?

Children are naturally impulsive and don't have the experience to know all that it takes to become a ballerina, rock star or master chef. Parents can help them become good decision makers by:

  • Explaining steps required to achieve goals.
  • Discussing pros and cons of decisions.
  • Helping them develop a schedule.
  • Assisting them in dealing with failure and disappointment.
  • Enrolling them in a decision-making preschool program like Kids Konnect.

Do You Help Your Children Know their Responsibilities?

Parents also support their children by explaining responsibilities and keeping them accountable. Independent children become leaders when they learn about:

  • Giving their best effort.
  • Completing commitments.
  • Being cooperative.
  • Showing gratitude for the efforts of peers and teachers.
  • Finishing all exercises and tasks no matter how tiring or tedious.
  • Giving opportunities a realistic try before quitting.

Do You Praise Effort?

According to brain research, children perform best and work harder when praised for effort rather than talent. So encourage with: "You tried hard!" and "Good work!" How do you praise your child's effort?

Topics: Child development