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3 Easy Science Projects for Preschoolers

by Makinya Ward on March 24, 2016
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Doing science preschool activities is fun! Kids Konnect preschool fosters a love of science through experiments and play. You can encourage your child to enjoy science by doing these 3 fun science projects at home:

shutterstock_298266662.jpgIvory Soap Explosion

Use Ivory soap bars to teach your child about physical changes and Charles' Law which says the volume of a gas like air increases with temperature. Start by having your child unwrap an Ivory soap bar and feel the texture. Talk about how the soap is solid but feels light because it has trapped air inside. Slice off a bit of the bar and see it float in water. Put the remaining bar on a dish in the microwave. Have your child watch the bar as you microwave 1 to 2 minutes. As the air inside the bar heats up, the bar expands into a mound of foam! Experiment with other brands of soap or marshmallows.

Sink and Float Boats

How do heavy boats float? Make easy preschool activities to test this by doing an aluminum boat experiment that teaches about water surface tension. Give your child several sheets of aluminum foil and tell them to make different shaped boats. Fill up a sink or bucket of water and have them float the boats. Then test which boat floats best by adding pennies. Which boat shape holds the most? Talk about why that shape is best. Vary this experiment by using different kinds of paper or modeling clay.

Strong Eggs

Amaze your child and interest them in engineering with these preschool activities using eggshells and sugar cubes. Using nail scissors, cut 2 eggshells carefully in half (eat the eggs for breakfast!) Trim the 4 eggshells to be about the same height and have your child set them in a square on the table. Ask your child to guess how many books those eggshells will hold, then start stacking the books up! Continue exploring the strength of arches and domes by using sugar cubes or blocks. Give your child challenges: How high of a tower can you build? What can you build that will hold 5 books? Can you make an arch that stays together by itself?

Enjoy science projects with your child! Easy home science projects like Ivory Soap Explosion, Sink and Float Boats and Strong Eggs help children learn to love science. What science experiments have you done with your child?

Topics: Child development, Science for preschoolers