3 Alphabet Activities to Enjoy Outside

Preschoolers naturally love to weave the new things they are learning into playtime, so it will be easy for you to introduce these 3 fun alphabet activities to enjoy outside:

shutterstock_51049708.jpgAlphabet Scavenger Hunt

Taking a walk around the neighborhood, or a hike on a trail can be more fun for your child when they have an activity to do. Getting ready for this alphabet scavenger hunt is easy. Take a paper plate and write all 26 letters of the alphabet on the outside edges, then cut between the letters. Give your child the plate to take on a walk and tell them they can push down the letter when the see it on a sign or see something that starts with that letter. You might even see some things in nature that look like letters, such as a knothole that resembles an "O."

Disappearing Letters

Use some chalk to draw letters on concrete, or another hard surface. First, let your child practice saying the letters and sounds, and tracing over what you've written. Next, you can play games like:

  • Call out a letter and have them race to find it. This can be especially fun with a friend to race.
  • Give them a squirt bottle and have them "erase" the letter you call out.
  • For older children, you can write words.
  • Switch it up and let the kids call out letters for you to erase!

Ice Letters

For another fun game on a hot day, take some foam letters and freeze them in ice cube trays. If you want, you can color the ice with food coloring or powdered drink mix. To play:

  • Take out the ice cubes and let the kids play with the ice.
  • If the ice is colored, they can use it to draw on white paper.
  • As the cubes melt and the letters appear, let the children name them and put them in order.

Positive parenting involves always being aware of how daily activities give you an opportunity to both build your child's character and teach them what they will need to know to do well in school. If you are interested in seeing how a play based preschool can help your child, schedule a visit at Kids Konnect.

Do you have a favorite way to teach your child? Share it with us!