The Kids Konnect Story

Our mission

Kids Konnect Daycare and Preschool exists to provide a safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate environment for toddler and preschool age children. We provide tools/stimuli to keep children engaged in learning socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively. STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math) are at the core of our curriculum. We partner with parents to prepare young children for school success and to be life-long learners.
After all, we must be doing something right after we were voted as the best preschool in the Bay Area by the readers of Bay Area parent.

Best of the best award 

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We took our first steps in Pacifica...

... and have grown into three thriving preschools across San Francisco's Bay Area


Bright colors, slides, and engaging lessons define our first preschool.

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Our second preschool has great views of the Bay Area, a huge playground, and some of the funniest teachers you'll find.

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San Mateo

San Mateo is our latest preschool and it has enough outdoor space for endless adventures. There's an art room, a reading corner, and even dinosaurs.

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Our Site Supervisors


Jonquil Walls

Site Supervisor, Oakland

Working towards a BA degree in Child Development, Jonquil loves to provide children with learning experiences that promote their cognitive, physical, social/emotional and language development.


Ingrid Ho

Site Supervisor, Pacifica

Ingrid aims to manage program that allows children to be open minded, think for themselves, and have the ability to express themselves whilst nurturing their social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and language development.

Fieon Yu

Site Supervisor, San Mateo

 Fieon's favorite activities are hands-on and truly engage the children and immerse them in their learning. She also enjoys being a dependable figure in their lives.


 The Full Team

The success of Kids Konnect isn't solely down to the three people the our leadership team. We simply couldn't operate without our amazing teachers! View our teacher profiles by navigating to 'Our Preschools'.

About Kids Konnect

Anyone who speaks to a parent or teacher at Kids Konnect instantly knows that all the staff at our preschools are commited to the profession and early-years development. If you don't believe us, check our our Yelp or Google+ reviews!

It's not only our children we take pride in looking after. Makinya Ward, the owner of Kids Konnect knows the importance of looking after every single member of staff as she's worked for over 18 years in early childhood development as a preschool aide, head teacher, and site supervisor. We want our teachers to come to work and feel happy in doing what they love so at Kids Konnect we stretch the budget so teachers can continue their education, have health care, vacation and sick time. Makinya also sends them love notes every so often as a small token of gratitude for what they bring to our Bay Area families every day.

We strongly believe that Kids Konnect is the best play-based educational preschool in the the Bay Area. It's a place where staff, parents and children feel supported and where staff and parents unite to give children the best start to their school career, character foundation and social emotional development. STEM based learning prepares your child for the wider world and that's why science, technology, engineering and math underlie our specially designed curriculum. Come and see for yourself at a Stay n'Play or a tour

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