San Mateo August 2021


Please remember to sign your child in/out every day. 

Drop off is before 9:30am. We have the right to refuse to accept your child for the day if you arrive later than 9:30am (Parent Handbook pg. 8). 

Masks are still currently ENFORCED at our center. Please practice wearing a mask with your child and reminding them that it needs to stay on at school. Parents are also expected to wear a mask during drop off and pick-ups, thank you.

If your child is sick (green runny noses count), please stay home for 24 hours until symptoms subside without medication before returning. 

Join our Google Photos Album

Remember to join our Google Photos to keep up with what’s happening at school! 😊

Link is provided in the August monthly items e-mail. This is a private album made for San Mateo families only.

Themes of the Month

Fruits & Veggies: We are kicking off our August in a healthy way by learning about fruits and vegetables! We introduce fresh fruit at our snack times and vegetables at our lunch times. We encourage the children to try them before saying they dislike them. Are there any particular fruits and veggies your child enjoys? They will be discussing their favorites with their peers on the first day of this week! There will be some fun arts and crafts, fine motor activities, and science activities as well.

Turtles: Did you know turtles live all over the world and they are some of the oldest animals around? Children will be learning all about turtles this week and finding out the differences between a turtle and a tortoise! If you know some differences, please share them with your child and they can share it during their class discussion. There will be so many fun creative arts activities this week!

Sunflowers: Sunflowers are so beautiful and a couple of our classes are even planting their own this week. They’re going to keep track of their growth and what’s necessary for them to grow and survive. There will also be some sunflower painting and even creating their own sunflowers out of noodles. This will work on their creative and fine motor skills. The Penguins will be doing some simple math and addition with sunflower seeds too, how fun!

Construction: It’s safe to say that our children LOVE trucks and building! This is going to a week they will really enjoy – they’re going to discuss among their peers what construction is – what do you see at a construction site? Why are there construction sites? What trucks would you see and what tools would you see? They will make their own construction sites, play hands on with some tools that are used in construction sites (kid tools of course!), and do some fun sensory activities too.