October 2021

Welcome October! We have so much in store! This month the children will learn about the different community helpers we see around our neighborhood. We’ll have discussions about doctors, nurses, dentists, firefighters, barbers, grocery clerks, sanitation workers, librarians, police officers, chefs etc. The children will be so excited to dress up like community helpers in our dramatic play area and engage in really cool activities. We even have a few guest speakers lined up via zoom that will phone in and give us a tour around their jobs! We also can’t forget about Fall and Halloween this month! We’’ll celebrate both by having a mini pumpkin patch and Halloween party later in the month! We are so excited about October!

Dates to Remember

October 5th- Picture Day for all students

October 19th– Sulphur Creek animal show outdoors 10am–11am (preschool & pre k class only)

October 26th– Pumpkin picking day on our yard

October 29th– Costume parade

Looking Back

In September, we kicked off the new school year with the “Back to basics and All about me” theme. Each new student brought in their “All about me “assignment and shared it with the class. We also reshared our current student posters. We discussed classroom rules, set classroom jobs, learned the scheduled and adjusted to our routine.

5 new friends also joined us this month; 1 in the infant room, 2 in preschool and 2 in pre-k!

Pyjama day was also a huge success and the children are still talking about it!


  • Please label all of your children’s belongings. We now have a lost and found for items that may be missing or unclaimed. Please check with your child’s teacher.

  • Parents are required to sign in and out each day.

  • Staff will conduct daily health checks of children which includes taking their temperature and a quick questionnaire

  • Parents are asked to remain outside of the classroom while dropping off or picking up their child

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Happy 2 Years Kids Konnect San Leandro!



October Menu







AM- Waffles w/ fruit

Lunch- Mac & cheese w/ chicken nuggets and veggies 

PM- Animal crackers w/ fruit

AM- Fruit smoothie w/ graham crackers

Lunch- spaghetti w/ meatballs

PM- Apple sauce & crackers

AM- Scrambled eggs w/ fruit

Lunch- Ground turkey chili w/ rice

PM- crackers & fruit

AM-Bagels w/ cream cheese & fruit

Lunch-  Cheese quesadillas w/ fruit

PM- veggie stick chips w/ fruit

AM- yogurt w/ granola 

Lunch- Bean & cheese burritos w/ veggies 

PM- cheese-its w/ fruit

AM- Oatmeal w/ berries

Lunch- pizza rolls w/ broccoli

PM- Fruit smoothie w/ graham crackers

AM- Cereal w/ milk & fruit

Lunch- Garlic noodle stir fry w/ fruit

PM- crackers & carrots

AM- Waffles w/ fruit

Lunch- Sun butter sandwiches w/ veggies

PM- Pretzels w/ fruit

AM- Hash browns w/ sausage

Lunch-chopped turkey dogs w/ steamed veggies 

PM-Granola bars w/ fruit

AM- Bagels w/ cream cheese & fruit

Lunch- Ravioli w/ red sauce & garlic bread

PM- Applesauce & crackers 

AM- Graham crackers w/ fruit 

Lunch- chicken nuggets w/ tator tots & green beans 

PM- Pretzels w/ fruit

AM- Oatmeal w/ fruit

Lunch- Chili beans w/ corn bread & rice

PM- Banana pudding w/ vanilla wafers 

AM- apple sauce w/ crackers 

Lunch- Mac & cheese chopped turkey dogs

PM- Goldfish crackers w/ fruit

AM- Waffles w/ fruit 

Lunch- spaghetti w/ meat balls & broccoli

PM- Pita chips w/ hummus

AM- Cereal w/ milk 

Lunch- Grilled cheese sandwiches w/ green beans 

PM- Cucumbers w/ ranch & wheat thins 

AM- Bagels w/ cream cheese & fruit

Lunch- pizza rolls w/ broccoli 

PM- Trail mix w/ fruit

  AM- Apple slices w/ sun butter

Lunch- Mashed potatoes w/ gravy & meatballs

PM- Cheese & crackers 

AM- Raisin bread toast w/ fruit

Lunch- Cheese quesadillas w/ steamed veggies 

PM- Fruit & veggie smoothie

AM- Yogurt & granola 

Lunch- Black bean soup w/ tortillas & veggies  

PM- Pretzels w/ cheese

AM- Blueberry muffins 

Lunch- Turkey and cheese sandwiches w/ veggies   

PM- String cheese & crackers 

AM- Cereal w/ milk and fruit 

Lunch- garlic noodle stir fry   

PM- Pita chips w/ hummus 

AM- Cereal w/ milk & fruit

Lunch- Chicken noodle soup w/ dinner roll

PM- Pretzels w/ fruit