December 2023

Hello Families, 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break! 

 We are at the end of 2023 year and we’ve learned so much this year and we are excited for what the next year will bring. December is a busy month at Kids Konnect so please read through our newsletter to stay up to date with what is happening at our school. As we move into the holiday season, please let us know if your family is planning on taking any days off of work so we can staff accordingly.  

 Happy Holidays everyone! 


Quick Reminders: 

 If your child is showing signs of sickness or runny nose, please keep them home until healthy and no longer showing signs or symptoms so we can maintain a safe environment at school. Please keep them home until they are symptom free for a full 24 hours and fever free for a full 48 hours before returning to school.

 · As the weather turns colder, please bring a thicker jacket for the children to wear for when we go outside.

~We are also encouraging the parents to please stop bringing snacks in the classroom. We have found some leftover snacks in the cubbies. We will provide our morning snack and our afternoon snack as always. We appreciate your understanding. This will help maintain our classrooms clean. 

~Please make sure to take water bottles home daily and sheets and jackets at the end of the week to wash.

~We do encourage parents to label your child's belongings, it is a licensing requirement.


Important Dates:  

Hanukkah: December 8th 

Early closer on December 22 @ 1:00PM

CLOSED: December 25- January 1st 

 December 25: Christmas Day 

December 26- January 1: Start of Kwanza  

December 31: New Years Eve