Our Parents' Favorite Summer Things To Do With Preschoolers In The Bay Area

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At Kids Konnect, we value our parent's voices and opinions. As the saying goes: "It takes a village to raise a child", and the Kids Konnect community always supports families and shares ideas on how to improve children's education in the Bay Area. This is why we asked our parents to tell us their favorite summer and fall activities for preschoolers in the Bay Area.

These are activities you can do year in, year out in hot Summer weather. So, please read on to find out what Kids Konnect parents say are the best Summer activities for Preschoolers in the Bay Area.

Kids Konnect Parent's Favorite Summer Bay Area Activities 

1) Play outside with water

A young boy squirts water from a water gun in the sun

For sure the most popular activity parents recommend is playing with water. This can include anything from water balloons to a water table. Water play is a great creative activity that develops fine motor skills. Water play is also incredibly accessible, all you need to do is find some outdoor space and have some jugs of water at the ready. 

One of our favorite water play activities is Water Street Art. On a sunny day when the sidewalk or path is dry, fill a squeezy bottle of water and spray, drip or pour the water on the ground. You and your little one can make a variety of shapes or pieces of artwork. If you want more activities like this, you can find them in our at-home learning dittos. 


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2) Go to their nearest Bay Area park

Bay area playground

Number two in our parent's ranking of the favorite summer and fall activities for bay area preschoolers is going to the park and outdoor playgrounds. 

Our parents' favorite parks are:

  1. Beresford
  2. Laurelwood
  3. San Mateo Central
  4. Magical Bridge
  5. Tilden

From catching the train in San Mateo Central to scootering around Beresford, getting children outside during Summer and Fall is a great way to boost their confidence and independence. Some of our parents' favorite activities to do in Bay Area parks include hiking, going for a bike ride and having a picnic. 

Parks also make for great learning opportunities, especially in the Fall. You can do scavenger hunts where you and your little one have to find leaves, bugs (don't disturb them, just take a picture) and rocks. A scavenger hunt is a great and fun way to teach them about nature and the world around them. In fact, it's one of Kids Konnect's favorite play-based science activities. 

3) Going to a Bay Area beach


Fortunately, in the Bay Area we have lots of amazing beaches where you and your preschooler can have a fun day out. Sand play is a great sensory activity and building sandcastles helps develop fine motor skills. 

Our parents are big fans of Half Moon Bay and Francis Beach. Both locations have great places for you to entertain your child including Oddyssa crafts, California Coastal trail for bike riding and World's Rare Plants.

Another amazing beach area is Coyote Point which has the amazing castle-themed Magic Mountain playground and CuriOdyssey. 

4) A trip to a Bay Area zoo 

A cream alpaca at a Bay Area zoo

Living in the Bay Area, we know we're spoilt for choice when it comes to zoos – some are even regarded as some of the best in the world. Our parents recommend the following:

  1. Oakland Zoo
  2. Happy Hollow

The Kids Konnect community is on both sides of the Bay, so it's great to see this represented in our preferred zoos! Happy Hallow is a great Fall treat for your little one with family friendly theme park rides alongside the cute animals – they have lemurs and capybaras! Oakland Zoo has a wider selection of animals including giraffs, lions and cheetahs. 

Visiting a zoo is a good opportunity to teach children in the Bay Area about conservation efforts around the world and how we can protect animals. Some great learning activities include visiting the petting zoo areas and getting preschoolers to match the right animal with the right area.

Plus, both also put on a great and spooky Halloween experience with Boo at the Zoo!

5) Visit the Bay Area Discovery Museum

Bay Area Discovery Museum

Located on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Area Discovery Museum is an amazing place for Bay Area preschoolers to learn more about the world. The museum is designed for young children and includes amazing areas like clay play, a mud kitchen and paint my ride – yes they will get messy!

Painting the car at Bay Area Discovery 3

How Things Work is our favorite area because it teaches children how their favorite objectives operate by cutting them in half! Separated into normal rooms like the bathroom and living room, they can see how a flushing toilet works and how electrical circuits work. However, the best bit is the musical instruments room where they can see what happens when they press a piano key. The Bay Area Discovery Museum is amazing in the Summer and an epic day out in Fall. 


6) Swim at the Highland's Recreation Center

The Highland's Recreation Center is a great place to teach your little one how to swim and enjoy water in an controlled environment. 

They regularly offer swimming lessons, and you can now sign up for their Summer 2024 classes. The center also has a variety of other educational and enriching programs you can join. 

7) Our local Bay Area farmers markets

Sweet potatoes, radishes and flowers in a farmers market box

There are many farmers markets in the Bay Area, including in San Mateo (Saturday 9-1) and San Leandro (Saturday, 9-1).

Kids Konnect parents love going to a farmers market because they help children learn more about the origin of their food and give them a deeper appreciation of healthy, fresh, local produce. If you visit, encourage your toddler or preschooler to talk to the vendor about their food so they can learn as much as possible. 

8) Playing at Le Petit Playhouse

As the Fall days get shorter and a little colder, one of the best places to go is Le Petit Playhouse in Redwood City. This is fun, aquatic-themed 10,000sqft indoor play area where your little one can have the time of their life going down slides, playing in the ball pit and having a go at the Eye Click game. There is also a separate play area for infants and toddlers – it's fun for the whole family!

9) Staying at home

One of the most enriching, and budget-friendly, activities you can do is entertain your little one at home. Our parents are full of creative ideas your whole family can do, and if you're struggling to think of any, our at-home dittos will inspire.

You can mess around with food coloring and water to mix the colors and make a rainbow on a plate, or you can read with your child and take them on amazing adventures without leaving the sofa. 

Playing at home

Imaginative play toys such as kitchens and dress-up costumes ignite children's imaginations and let them have fun exploring new roles. We recommend doing a toy swap with a friend or neighbor every now and then to access different toys without spending more.

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