7 Fun Math Activities to Boost Your Kid’s Numeracy Skills

From a young age, numeracy skills play an important part in our everyday lives.

Whether it’s counting out loud, identifying shapes, or even sorting objects, there are lots of engaging ways to encourage your preschooler to show an interest in the world of Math and these skills will be explored further in your child’s preschool years.

So, to give your kid a mathematical boost, check out these 7 simple and fun games to try at home.

1. Straw Sorting:

Flex your child’s motor skills by cutting up paper straws into different lengths and getting your kid to sort them into size order. You can even make tree pictures by gluing different colored straws onto paper. How many different shapes can your little one make?




2. A Wonderful Weather Calendar:

Print off or draw a grid with days and times of the week in the headings (click here for a handy template). Then, get your kid to draw a picture of the weather at each day and time in the relevant section of the grid. At the end of the week, you can discuss the final masterpiece with your kid by asking questions such as ‘How many days were cloudy?’ or ‘Were there more rainy or sunny days?’.




3. Create a Colorful Collage:

Give your kid a large piece of paper and divide it into sections. Then, add colors of the rainbow as headings. Using arts and crafts materials such as plastic gems, pasta shapes, and pompoms, get your child to create a vibrantly organized collage. This will not only benefit your preschooler’s color recognition skills but it’ll even develop their artistic flair.




4. Popsicle Stick Matching Madness:

Recycle 20 wooden popsicle sticks by numbering 10 with numbers 1 to 10 and drawing a corresponding number of different colored shapes on the remaining sticks – fish, stars and hearts work best. Once finished, encourage your kid to pair the numbered sticks with their matching counterparts. Learning numbers has never been so simple.




5. The Magic Envelope Game:

Cut a window in a large envelope and make similar sized cards with numbers 1 to 10. Stash a number card into the envelope without your kid seeing which one you have chosen and then get them to guess which number is hidden based on what they can see peeping through the window. Do this several times and maybe even let your child have a go at writing down what they think they can see once their confidence grows.




6. Make a Fruit and Vegetable Rainbow:

Carefully cut out pictures of a range of different healthy foods from grocery flyers. Tell your kid to sort the pictures into colors of the rainbow and then stick them on to a large piece of paper in the shape of an arch. You can then count aloud with your child how many different pictures they can find for each color.

BONUS TIP: Glue cotton wool balls to your picture create fluffy clouds.



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7. Brilliant Beaded Necklaces:

Tie a knot in the end of a long piece of string and then encourage your kid to thread on a selection of beads in their favorite colors. Make a collection of these in different lengths and patterns and then ask your kid to count how many beads are on each piece of string. Then, help your preschooler to tie the ends together to make fun bracelets and necklaces.




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