5 Fun Activities to Celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and teach children how to protect our planet. The annual event takes place on April 22, and inspires people from around the world to unite and support the environment. 

The global movement began in 1970 as a way for US senator and environmentalist, Gaylord Nelson to spread awareness about the significance of clean air and water after an oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. This year’s theme is ‘Invest in Our Planet,’ which encourages everyone to do their bit for the environment, no matter how small. 


Why We Need to Teach Children About Sustainability and Nature


Teaching the next generation about how to be kind to our planet is extremely important. Getting little ones involved in nature every day will ensure that they will grow up to take care of the environment and help to save our planet. Children love to copy their grown ups so by showing them how to recycle, reuse and reduce waste in your every day life will pass on positive ways to support our environment. 




Why We Need to Celebrate Earth Day


This wonderful planet that we call home desperately needs our help from pollution, deforestation and loss of wildlife. Dedicating a specific day to the cause reminds us of all the little things that we can personally do to make the world we live in a healthier place. By honoring our home and the creatures that inhabit it, we will make huge changes that will positively impact the environment. 


5 Fun Activities to Do at Home 


To get children really interested in the world around them and how they can impact its future, it’s important to organize engaging, hands-on activities that they will enjoy. Through fun, simple tasks that can be set up at home on Earth Day, or any other day, little ones will learn so much more about sustainability and wildlife. 

Always remember when using equipment like trowels or scissors make sure a grown up is available to supervise.


1. Plant Fruit and Veggies



You’ll need: A hand fork and trowel, compost, a watering can, seeds, a spade (if growing in the ground) or pots.  

Growing their own fruit and vegetables will not only give children a chance to connect with the earth but encourage them to eat more healthier options. Choose vegetables that are easy to grow to avoid disappointment such as green beans, carrots, strawberries and tomatoes. Create a hole, place the seed or bulb inside and cover with compost. Make sure to water regularly especially on hot, dry days. Trust us, little ones will be delighted when they can eat their first homegrown produce! 

If you live in an apartment, your local garden center will have multiple apartment-friendly plant pots you can use. 


2. Make Birdseed Fat Balls

You’ll need: A mixing bowl, lard, bird seed, string, a fridge.

Encourage birds to fly into your garden with some birdseed fat balls. It’s a great way to educate children about different species of birds and it will be so much fun spotting them as they tuck in to your homemade delights. 

Mix together the bird seed and lard in your bowl using your hands. It’s advised to use double the amount of seed to lard. Create small balls with the mixture and split in half. Make a loop with the string by tying a knot at the end and once embedded in one half of the ball press back together. Place in the fridge until they harden up and hang in the garden.


3. Grow Flowers for Bees

Oakland soil discovery-683695-edited

You’ll need: Compost, trowel, seeds or plants, watering can. 

To ensure that bees remain buzzing around our gardens, it’s a good idea to plant flowers that specifically attract these insects. It’s the perfect chance to talk to children all about the importance of bees and how they are needed to pollinate plants including food crops. 

Simply choose the place where you would like to put the seeds or plant, either scatter the seeds or dig a small hole and place the plant inside. Make sure that  little ones know to not play with the bees in your garden to avoid being stung! Ouch! 


4. Create Upcycled Plant Pots

You’ll need: An old container or rain boots, art supplies.

Bring out your artistic side and encourage children to decorate a pair of old rain boots or a plastic tub. Choose your favorites from the recycling to turn into beautiful plant pots. There is no right or wrong way to paint your chosen item but they certainly will put a smile on little one’s faces when they are sitting in pride of place around the home or in the garden. 


5. Make a Bug Hotel

Compost bin (14)

You’ll need: A large plastic bottle from the recycling, scissors, sticks, bark, pine cones.

Most little ones are fascinated with worms, woodlice and beetles so a bug hotel is the perfect opportunity to encourage a child's interest in insects. For an easy to make version simply cut the bottle into two cylinders and fill with sticks, bark and pine cones from your local area. Make sure that it is full and firm so that it stays in place. Insects love small nooks and crannies so your bug hotel will attract a lot of different tiny creatures. 


Here at Kids Konnect we love to celebrate Earth Day! We do lots of science-based activities in our classrooms. Come and book a tour of one of our Bay Area preschools today and see it for yourself.