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Retaining top talent, enticing employees back to the office, and reducing employee turnover are some of the most pressing challenges businesses are facing today. On top of that, childcare options are increasingly limited, forcing families to make difficult decisions about returning to work.

It's down to employers to make meaningful investment in their employee packages that can tackle these issues and improve the situation for both employees and the bottom line.

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Enter Kids Konnect as your onsite childcare provider - a strategic move that can unlock your organization's potential.
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Why Onsite Childcare is Beneficial for Businesses

With Kids Konnect's onsite childcare services, you're not just providing a safe space for your employees' children. You're opening doors to increased productivity, improved employee satisfaction, and unparalleled talent retention.

Imagine a workplace where parents don't have to choose between their careers and their families. Where top performers are drawn to your company because of your family-friendly policies. That's the power of onsite childcare. It's more than just a convenience—it's a game changer. 

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Why Choose Kids Konnect as your Onsite Childcare Provider

When you partner with Kids Konnect, you're not just getting a service. You're getting a team that understands your needs and is ready to work alongside you to create a better workplace for everyone.

Our comprehensive service manages all aspects of center management. From staffing and payroll to curriculum development, we take care of it all. We're committed to licensing compliance and health & safety, collaborating with local authorities and conducting regular fire inspections.

We also offer a play-based curriculum that focuses on STEM subjects, preparing students for elementary school while making learning fun.


crayons-1 Little girl having fun at preschool
crayons-1 Little girl having fun at preschool

How it Works

The Kids Konnect team take care of everything in setting up your onsite childcare space. We are the experts here, let us make this a stress free option for you.


Kids Konnect work with your local authorities to handle all the licensing arrangements and get the space you give us up to standard.

Compliance and Health & Safety

We handle all the compliance issues involving health & safety and childcare laws.


We implement our play-based curriculum and teach students STEM subjects. Why? Because we find it’s the best way to prepare students for elementary school.

Payroll & Benefits

You don’t need to worry about hiring or paying staff. We take care of that and pay any staff we hire out of our pockets. Staff are fully employed by Kids Konnect and have access to our benefit packages.


We work with your HR team to develop a plan that meets the HR needs of both our companies. While we independently look after the staff we hire for your onsite preschool, we make sure any potential crossovers are approved.

Fire Inspections

We work with the fire department to get the space ready for a fire inspection and make sure it passes first time!

Do I have an appropriate space?

One of the Kids Konnect team can visit your site to determine the suitability of an onsite childcare provision. Contact us to book a visit.

Unlock your organization's potential

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Boost staff wellbeing

Remove the roadblock of childcare and your best team members will return to work with peace of mind.


Attract the best talent

Having an onsite preschool will attract the best possible talent as they know you will support their career and family choices.

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Enable business continuity

Having an onsite preschool allows staff to return to work quickly and smoothly. This means your business will keep going with no interruption.

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Child care has never been more important for families. See how Kids Konnect can support your team members.