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Play-Based Learning: 5 Fun Ways Preschool Children Learn STEM (STEAM) Concepts

Learning through play is one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences for preschool children.

That’s why, at Kids Konnect we offer your child our play-based curriculum filled with STEM (STEAM) focused activities to encourage your little one to develop and grow in a friendly and interesting environment.

But why do we focus so much on play? And how do STEM activities in early childhood prepare children for further education and later life?

Let’s discover 5 ways preschoolers learn about STEM subjects through play based learning and how these activities get your child ready for the world of work.

7 Fun Math Activities to Boost Your Kid’s Numeracy Skills

From a young age, numeracy skills play an important part in our everyday lives.

Whether it’s counting out loud, identifying shapes, or even sorting objects, there are lots of engaging ways to encourage your preschooler to show an interest in the world of Math and these skills will be explored further in your child’s preschool years.

So, to give your kid a mathematical boost, check out these 7 simple and fun games to try at home.

Counting Activities to Explore Outside this Fall

Enjoying the beautiful Fall weather? Turn outside time with your preschooler into a chance to reinforce what your child is learning at Kids Konnect Preschool. Studies show that parents who give positive messages about math can help their children achieve. One way to help your child feel interested in and confident about math is to do family activities that teach math concepts. Here are some counting activities to explore outside this Fall:

What is "Early Math" and How Does it Help Your Preschooler?

As soon as many adults hear the word “math,” they cringe. This is unfortunate, because the entire modern world works from a foundation of mathematics. Teaching our preschool children to feel comfortable with math concepts is a valuable gift, and at Kids Konnect, we promote mathematics through a concept called Early Math.

Playing with Food: How Math and Cooking are a Natural Pair

You may tell your child not to play with their food at the dinner table, but "playing" with food while cooking can be a great way to help your child learn math. There are many wonderful preschool recipes you can use, or you can follow your own favorites. Here are some positive parenting techniques for helping your child learn math in the kitchen: