A Great Preschool Experience Begins Here

  • preschool child enjoying outdoor preschool activities

    Preschooler enjoying the outdoors
    Some may say yuck, we say yippee! Mud in preschool curriculum is a great sensory experience and gateway to science. 

  • two preschool kids reading together

    Fun with a friend, and a good book. 

  • Child doing preschool activities including tracing

    4 yr old tracing shapes.
    Through this  tracing activity, he's learning how to stay on task, follow directions, and refine his fine motor skills needed for writing/keyboarding in elementary school.

Children who master preschool curriculum are more likely to achieve greater academic success.

Kids Konnect prepares children for the rigors of academics by providing them with a meaningful and engaging curriculum.

Our teachers intentionally create an atmosphere where teachable moments can emerge. By offering a stimulating and hands-on approach to learning in a fun and playful environment, we allow children to explore, ask and create.

Children learn science, math, language, art, music and movement in a program that meets the standards for pre-k readiness. Our students leave Kids Konnect prepared to take on the challenges they will incur in elementary school and will be accustomed to working with others, following directions and taking turns. The social readiness that we focus on in our day-to-day interactions attribute to our teachers understanding that these skills also must be mastered for school success.

Milestones tracked. Parents Informed.

Your child will receive individual attention to properly track milestones in their development and you will be well informed of their progress through ongoing parent-teacher communication.

Your child will receive tools/stimuli to keep them engaged in learning socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively.

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